Stumbling across a great Bose deal

I’ve had Bose QuietComfort noise-cancelling headphones since they were introduced, the original QC1 and the follow-up QC2s. They’re excellent, active noise-reduction devices with great sound, perfect around airplanes or small children. But my QC2s are now a few years old and starting to fray.

In particular, the ear cushions have started to fall apart, leaving black crumbs all over your ears and shoulders. The problem has been this: to replace the cushions would cost £4o or so. To update to the latest edition, the QC15, would cost £280. What to do?

Well, whilst on holiday in Toronto recently, I decided to see if they had the cushions in a Bose store that I was passing. Sure enough, they did and for only $40.

“But you don’t want them”, the assistant told me. Really? “No, because for only $100, you can trade in your QC2s for the QC15s”.

I ran home to get them and now have a nice, new, much better pair of headphones.

I can’t immediately find a link to this trade-in programme on the Bose site but, if you have an older pair of QCs, I recommend you call them now. There’s a shop in Westfield too.

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