Apple shows off new software, Macs and radio service


iOS7’s new look

Apple has shown off its new software, Macs and online services in a keynote speech to developers.

Hosted by CEO Tim Cook, the presentation demonstrated the next version of OS X, called Mavericks. It brings a host of new features especially to iPhone and iPad users.

Talking of which, there was also a peek at iOS7, the next version of the software that runs those devices. It represents a complete redesign and looks gorgeous, particularly in its use of depth effects. And it doesn’t just look good; it all works seamlessly with the hardware to give a much better context to where you are in the system and what you’re doing.

Both OS X and iOS7 will be available in the autumn.

A completely new service (although widely expected) was the launch of iTunes Radio, a streaming music service that will be ad-supported. No news of a UK launch date yet.

New MacBook Airs were announced, primarily including better battery life (but no Retina displays yet) and a new high-end Mac Pro, a stunningly designed cylindrical tower.

For more details, AppleInsider has in-depth articles on all the announced features here.

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