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Apple announces new iPhones

iPhone 5S

10 Sept 13 – Apple today announced its latest iPhones, the iPhone 5C and the iPhone 5S. The 5C replaces the current iPhone 5 but comes in a variety of brightly coloured plastic designs. Don’t be fooled into thinking the ‘C’ stands for ‘cheap’: it costs £469 without a contract for the 16GB version. (It will be cheaper with a mobile contract. The iPhone 4S, in an 8GB version, will also remain available as the entry-level phone, free on contract.)

The 5S is the high-end version. It boasts a faster, 64-bit processor, the first phone to go 64-bit. It has some clever camera tricks, including slo-mo video. But its headline feature is the fingerprint scanner, built into the home button. This will let you unlock the phone and purchase items on iTunes but, as yet, little else; it is not available to third-party developers or web sites to replace password security, sadly.

Most existing iPhone users will be able to upgrade to the new version of the operating system, iOS 7, when it comes out later this month.

Expect another Apple event in October for other announcements, possibly new iPads, Macs and features for the Apple TV. No brand new product lines – such as the much-vaunted iWatch or a television screen – are expected this year.

How Apple is adding depth to your next iPhone @mtabini

The next version of iOS, the software that runs iPhones and iPads, features parallax effects. This will make your screen appear to have depth and layers. It uses the built-in gyroscope to help achieve this effect.
In this article on Macworld, Marco Tabini looks at how this works and why it’s important.